600 Rounds a Minute of Fun

gatling-gun.jpg Invented around the time of the Civil War, it was the first real machine gun. It's inventor (Dr. Richard Gatling) thought that it would make war so horrible as to end all war. It was used by the U.S. military until 1911. Modern versions are used on attack helicopters and other aircraft. Ask any Afgan or Iraqi soldiers who were foolish enough to resist invasion if they are still effective. Then again, they are probably dead and would not be able to give you much info.

Now you can have one "in your office or den" and "will be the envy of everyone". If you have the $3,750 for the gun and the additional $1,500 for the optional artillary carriage, that is.

Here's how I'd use it in my den or office:
- Popping off a few hundreds rounds to announce to my guests that dinner is served.
- Blowing out (away) those birthday candles.
- Driving home my point at that staff meeting.
- Obliterating that damned annoying phone that bleats, gobbles, and honks.


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