The Maine Course


lobster.bmp Now that we�ve put all this time, sweat and money into the house and it is done exactly as we dreamed it would be, it is time to leave. Nancy and I will be away on a short vacation next week at the Five Gables Inn in East Boothbay, Maine. I think that it is named after the famous movie actor and his four dwarfs - Clark, Lumpy, Pimples, Fetid, and AnnofGreen, but I'll know better once we arrive. It looks to be a very lovely place.

You are not allowed to vacation in Maine without eating copious amounts of seafood - lobster in particular. I�m told that they pump your stomach at a mandatory stop on I-95 South as you are leaving the state. If partially digested seafood is not located in the sample, you have to suck down a clam in order to pass. Actually, no one has told me any such thing, but I had a nightmare along those lines the other night. The reason for the nightmare is relatively simple - I don�t much like seafood. Give me crab cakes or broiled scallops and I�ve reached my limit. An occasional tuna steak can hit the spot. But bake some haddock, broil some mackerel, or serve me a raw clam and you might as well me feeding me grubs and worms. I�ve tried lobster and can�t understand the attraction. To me, crustaceans are just a teensy evolutionary step away from giant insects and that�s too close for comfort.

coelacanth.bmp All of the restaurants and inns we have investigated on the Web display menus chock full of the red monsters. You can slide by with plain old billed/broiled/steamed lobster, but you get added points for the more esoteric menu items. This is my chance to break out of my seafood phobia. I�m going to try the lobster oatmeal for breakfast and I�m drooling over one of those cod smoothies. I didn�t see any whale blubber or coelacanth burgers, but if they have �em, I�ll be game. (Oh wait, we only watch whales now).

When I hit that stop on I-95 next Thursday, they�ll be proud of me.


I have a very good friend that now owns the old family home on the water in Booth Bay that rents it out for periods during the summer if you are ever interested. I've never been there but I've seen the photos and it looks like a wonderful grandma kind of place.

Maybe, if you really develop a liking to seafood, you can find a Bass-o-Matic at one of the VT outlets when you get home...


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