The Wal-Mart Conundrum


This is in no way a scientific observation. In order to be accurate in this assertion, I'd have to travel the length and breadth of America, stopping at Wal-Marts in small towns, big cities, and rural communities. Iíd have to take meticulous counts and run careful statistical analysis. I have no desire to do that, especially after what I am about to reveal. But there is one glaring thing that always strikes me when I go shopping at Wal-Mart - there is an unusually high percentage of people with few or no teeth and a correspondingly high percentage (with significant overlap) of people who are grossly overweight.

Why is this? (other than the obvious answer about the state of American waistlines in general) Why do a disproportionate number of these folks gravitate toward Wal-Mart? Why not K-Mart? I live near a town with both stores within 3 miles of each other. On occasions where I have had to go to both stores to find a particular item, Iíve noted a marked difference in the dental and adipose propensities of the shoppers. I can understand why Target doesnít get this crowd - Michael Graves doesnít design denture cups - but just change the colors from blue to red or red to blue and you canít tell a K-Mart from a Wal-Mart - and yet this is definitely a Wal-Mart phenomenon.

The chart below shows a simple Venn diagram of my observations. Have any social anthropologists done research in this field? Iíd love to know the answer.

Note the 40/60 tooth-to-fat ratio and the 15% overlap in both categories.


LOVE the diagram.

my goodness something to aspire too. fat and toothless. i think i have been setting my sights too low. i want to be in the middle of that ven diagram. -- skutchie

No, no, no, skutchie. You must still aspire to perfecting your snarkiness toward those in the center segment. when you come to visit next, we'll take a field trip. bring a camera.

You didn't make a stretchpants cohort.


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