When Nature Calls

I recently decided to buy a knife sharpening kit so that I could put an edge on our kitchen cutlery that would actually slice a tomato rather than puree it. After a bit of on-line research, I found what I wanted and ordered it thorugh Cabela's, one of the biggest outdoor equipment suppliers in the country. (They were the cheapest.)

Along with my order came a magazine for outdoor enthusiasts full of handy articles on bass fishing, bow hunting, Elk calling, and the like. None of these are in my realm of outdoor activites, as I am not comfortable posing with dead things at the end of a day in the woods. But the ads were just great. Here's one of my favorites.

There are two really important features of this phone that completely floor me.

First is the substitution of wild animal noises for the ringer.
- "Hoot, hoot, hoot" - Honey, will you get that...
- How many gobbles before the answering machine picks up?
- Is that the phone or is dad blowing his nose?

And then there's the camouflage. Are you supposed to be able to hide this thing in the den? Place the charger in the potted plant and have fun watching family members trying to bushwhack their way to the ringing, I mean quacking, handset? Maybe no one's supposed to be able to tell that you are on the phone (as long as you deftly place leaves and tall grasses in your hair).

This is a real phone. It's the Motorola MA357 Cordless Phone. It just might be that you know someone who owns this phone... but I bet you never noticed.


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