WMD - Part 1 in a series


The current administration, the CIA, and the Pentagon still can't seem to find those pesky weapons of mass destruction that they "knew" were in Iraq just last February. All the hoopla about WMD in Iraq has diverted attention from the fact that hundreds of WMD have been unleashed in this country during the twentieth century. Not that a good republican government would recognize them as such, but it is plain to see that millions of Americans have died or suffered permanent injury as a result of this stuff.

So every once in a while I'm going to point them to some WMD locations that I seem to stumble across every day living in the USA.


Actually, McDonalds is just symbolic of the methods used by a multitude of fast food and chain restaurants to kill thousands of Americans each year. The portion size, fat content, and number of calories in the average fast food meal would feed an Afgan family for a week. Supersize anyone?

One half of all American's are overweight and half of them are obese. In the 1960s, just as fast food began to take off in America, 5% of adolescents were overweight. Today the number is close to 13%. Start ringing up the resulting heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other results and you've got a pretty convincing WMD. Dick Cheney is a victim and he doesn't even know it.


Well, apparently Kraft is trying to jump on the bandwagon of making their food "better for you" and "smaller." I heard a report yesterday saying that they will be putting less sugar and other sweeteners in some of their products. If you ask me, making their packaging smaller will probably just encourgae Americans to buy MORE...

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