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The New Fox News?


Joe Conason, the author of Big Lies - The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How it Distorts The Truth, has a suggestion for Fox News in the wake of their stupid suit against Al Franken that was withdrawn yesterday after a scathing session with a judge who refused their motion for an injunction. Since the judge commented that their "Fair and Balanced" slogan was of dubious copyright merit, Conason suggests:
Fox news.jpg
Sounds good to me...

Long Life


PEANUT_NOIR.jpgBiologists have discovered that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, peanuts, and other plants may slow the human aging process. Its molecules have for the first time been shown to mimic the life-extending effects of calorie restriction.

Now, I like red wine and I like peanuts, so why not the best of both worlds? I know that the French will convulse at this suggestion, but Iím sure that there is a vintner in California who is willing to develop my idea for a wholly new wine - yes - Peanut Noir.

Just in case, Iíve already designed a label.


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