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Callie's Butt

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Calliebutt.jpgAt left you will find Callie, our calico cat. Once you get to know Callie, you get to know her butt. She insists on that.

As she approaches a more mature adulthood (2 1/2 years old ), Callie has developed a Rubenesque pear shape that accentuates her posterior assets. She seems quite aware of this. If you want to engage in the typical cat head scratch routine, you will find that she quickly (and quite deftly) maneuvers about so that your hand is now working her rump (and she's not shy about letting you know where she wants it worked).

If she deigns to climb into your lap, it isn't to curl into a cuddly little ball of fur. Lap sitting is only interests her if she can position her ass as close to your hand as possible. That means stretching out along the length of your thigh with her head furthest away and her butt within easy reach. Scratch her head and her claws slowly dig into your leg as you feel her tense with annoyance at your stupidity.

But once you start working her butt she purrs, closes her eyes slightly, and begins to travel to a place that makes you feel slightly kinky. She pushes upward, thrusts slowly higher and soon you begin to wonder if this all isnít completely unnatural. But then you move your fingers ever so slightly to one side or another, she decides that she doesnít like it, and turns and bites you. ďOh good,Ē you say to yourself, ďIíve had women do exactly the same thingĒ! This isnít so weird after all.

Suddenly Into Long Sleeves


early-leaves.jpgIt happened literally overnight. Last Friday was warm and steamy. I took a short hike in Merck Forest with my brother and his wife and kids wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. We woke the next morning to 46 degrees.

Every day since has felt like fall. The mornings are cool and the afternoons are just nipping at 70. The air has that feel. It touches your skin differently and carries the unmistakable waft of changing season. I can see color creeping into some trees.

So I get up each morning now and put on long pants and long sleeves. They feel right. I sit on the deck with a cup of coffee and a book and long sleeves and it feels right.

After Labor Day it quiets down in Manchester. Summer vacationers are gone and weekend people are fewer. Without the distractions of the added traffic and lots of people walking around, you can pay more attention to the mountains. The color has shifted from bright green to a deeper, darker shade.

I think itís the mountains putting on long sleeves.


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