Suddenly Into Long Sleeves


early-leaves.jpgIt happened literally overnight. Last Friday was warm and steamy. I took a short hike in Merck Forest with my brother and his wife and kids wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. We woke the next morning to 46 degrees.

Every day since has felt like fall. The mornings are cool and the afternoons are just nipping at 70. The air has that feel. It touches your skin differently and carries the unmistakable waft of changing season. I can see color creeping into some trees.

So I get up each morning now and put on long pants and long sleeves. They feel right. I sit on the deck with a cup of coffee and a book and long sleeves and it feels right.

After Labor Day it quiets down in Manchester. Summer vacationers are gone and weekend people are fewer. Without the distractions of the added traffic and lots of people walking around, you can pay more attention to the mountains. The color has shifted from bright green to a deeper, darker shade.

I think itís the mountains putting on long sleeves.


This means that the next time i visit you can make me your special French onion soup. Or that really, really good pot roast. :)

Hmmmm, yes... Make it soon, my mouth is beginning to yearn for Fall food.


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