The Season


tree2_1_web.jpg Christmas music drifts through the house and there is a foot of snow outside, making each window into a Christmas card. The stockings ARE hung by the chimney with care. The cookbooks and magazines have been bookmarked for their holiday recipes that will feed the visiting friends and family.

Walking through town you are greeted by people bustling along with shopping bags and smiles. Evergreens are tied to the tops of passing cars on their way home to spread the smell of the holiday throughout the house. All the stores twinkle with lights.

We are all closer at this time of year, even if thousands of miles separate us.

‘Tis the season.


i think that your new year's resolution should be to blog more.

A Florida Christmas goes a little different...
Music still drifts through the house but we drift in the pool, stockings are hung by the fireplace, which hasn't been turned on for warmth, just effect, and the evergreens are replaced by...Yes you guessed it PALM TREES (which are very difficult to put lights on). But, it is still Christmas.

Hi Son: My thoughts drift back @ other Christmas
and realize what a blessed life I've I
have lived. I love my wonderful Family !
I am so proud of each and everyone one of
you. Merry Christmas and a Wonderful
New Year.


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