Fresh Snow


Our snow was freshened again last night. About 2 inches coated everything when we rose this morning.


The snow doesn�t have much of a chance to get grey and brown here. It�s almost as though Vermont orders up a batch every few days just to keep up appearances. It causes no inconvenience. It simply assures that you see the ground snow through the spindles of the tree trunks when you look up at the mountains. It guarantees that the evening sun turns all the pastel shades as it bounces off the frosted hillside branches and steep-pitched rooftops. The sunrise is that much brighter and the earth seems more comfortable under its blanket.

We�ll probably have snow on the ground until March or April. By that time we will all be aching for warmth and rooting for the buds and shoots to push past the last mounds and start to turn Vermont back into the Green Mountain State. But for now it�s just fine.

With a few more inches we can put on the snowshoes and walk to where you no longer hear the roads, only the crunching of your feet and the sound of your own breathing.


You can keep your snow. In fact, you can take mine! It's bleeping COLD here - been in the low 20's since Saturday. I dont like it, the goldfish in my pond dont like it, the bulbs peeking up out of the ground around here dont like it. Its pretty much a No Like scenario.

The snow is supposed to arrive tonight and tomorrow, about 4 inches worth. This will be accompanied by warming temperatures, which is good, expect for the fact that by about 5 p.m. tomorrow we should have 3 inches of slush just in time for the temperatures to drop below freezing for the night. Can you see why snow is so much nicer in Vermont than it is here?

My dear, dear sister,

Cold? 20 luxurious degrees? A piddly 4" of snow?

Jeesh... some states just have nicer weather I guess.

Your loving brother...

Dear, dear brother,

You are right, it is all a matter of perspective. Having snowplows on hand when it snows helps, too.

My point was exactly that fresh snow belongs in Vermont, not Seattle. An occasional frost in the mornings and a February bloom of plum trees and crocus are the way of the world here, and when the weather strays it makes me cranky.

Yes, snowplows when it snows would be handy and slush would make me cranky, too. I suppose if we had no snow I'd be complaining about it.

I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about. I just got out of the pool (I actually had to close it for about three weeks !!!) and read this.

Refresh my memory... snow is cold, Right?

Still 80 here

My dear, dear brother,

Not that it took much, but it appears that constant high temperatures have cooked your brain a bit. Before it's too late move to a state where the weather doesn't vary between "brain cook" and hurricane.

You've got three lovely kids and a great wife to consider here.

When the temperature goes below 50 your circulation increases to the brain. That rarely happens where you are, and that's why Florida is famous for hanging chads while Seattle is famous for great coffee.

Your loving brother...

this is an interesting blogging concept-- the trancho sibs go blogger. hee hee.

you're all insane. vt's to cold and seattle's grey. florida's hot and humid. you should all move back to your roots...brooklyn...where' it's dirty, stinky, cold, hot, and humid...everything you've ever asked for (except for the dirty and stinky) all rolled into one.

I prefer to just visit Brooklyn every once in a while and stay where I am. I've done my time in Florida (5 long, hot, humid, reptile and bug-infested years) so I don't need to go there.

In the meantime, the snow is falling fast in Seattle as I write. There must be a whole inch out there - maybe two. City streets are closed to traffic because they are so treacherous (we have hills that rival San Francisco), schools are closed, and more than half the folks in the office are not coming in to work. Now that it's here I'm actually liking it, though I am grateful that I do not have to get into a car or a bus to get home. It's warming up outside and will turn to rain by evening so I know that the enjoyment will be short-lived.


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