Muriel Recovering Nicely


muriel_recovery.jpgAs you can see from the accompanying photo, Murial is recovering nicely from her "snip and tuck" today at Green Mountain Veterinary Hospital. Though a bit weak from the 8 hours of fasting that preceded her "spay-job", as she calls it, her spriits are high and she looks forward to resuming her normal, active lifestyle tomorrow when she returns home.

"Please thank all my well-wishers and blog fans for the beautiful flowers and cards," she asked. "They were delicious."


Muriel has the Casper look in that picture! Good to hear she's recovering well. Now I'm the only girl in the family with ovaries.

Muriel keep your paws up in that crazy house!
you've a lot to contend with especially with
Robert. Get well soon.

Poor little baby. You pay a high price for those fab looks. Elliot just had his eyes done. Now he looks just like you. Positively eerie.

Dearest Muriel...I feel your pain...I eally do!


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