National Gorilla Suit Day


National Gorilla Suit Day is an oft-forgotten January holiday. Invented by the cartoon genius Don Martin in Mad Magazine in the early 1960�s, the holiday was chronicled in the adventures of Fester Bestertester and his sidekick Karbunkle.

The main, in fact only, activity of the day was for everyone to dress up in gorilla suits and then go door to door wishing all a happy National Gorilla Suit Day. Though Bestertester always asserted, "Everybody knows it's just a ploy by the gorilla suit companies to sell their products," he got no support in his quest for justice.


Unfortunately for Fester and Karbunkle, they seemed destined to have an unending parade of characters knock on their door and for various (and no) reasons, proceed to unzip their suits to reveal real gorillas and other creatures underneath. The visitors would then proceed to beat the crap out of one or both of the hapless chumps.


Don Martin died a few years ago but his delightfully warped sense of humor influenced a generation of MAD magazine readers. Fester's floppy feet were always a favorite of mine. Look in used book stores or Abe's Books for any of the dozen or so books that Martin published.

Happy National Gorilla Suit Day.


I'ts obvious since your retirement you have too much time on your hands.

Yes my man!
Christine and I have decided to observe this great day for the duration of our cold snap.
Not only are the suits toasty warm, unsavory characters give us a wide berth.
Well, gotta go brush my suit. It's time to water my banana tree (really, we have one. It must be a genetic thing).

That cartoon looks alot like the car business...

Maybee the cartoon is a little more civil.

My family has observed NGSD every year since that great day came into being. We send NGSD cards, give bananas to our favorite gorillas, and even bake gingerbread gorillas. I work in an after school program and my kids look forward to the celebration every year.

It appears that you come from a fine, cultured family, Mary Lou. Please keep up the tradition.


So glad to see others who have the culture to celebrate the most unfamous of holidays...
We have been trying to gain converts for the past 30+ years and are slowly gaining ground...
got to run, more bananas to harvest.
Zoot Argh.

I still have a copy of the orginal publication of "The Book" good condition for being read every year.
Zoot Argggh

I have an auotographed copy of the book sent to me by the Great One himself. I sent him a collection of items we used to celebrate The Holiday and he sent the book in return.
Love a gorilla today.....

Happy National Gorilla Suit Day to all, and a hearty ZOOT ARARAGH!!

I have survived yet another NGSD. Karbunkle and Fester hunke down for another year.


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