Pedigrees for the Masses


Callie-Hat.jpgWhile browsing the Web a few weeks ago, trying to get a handle on what breed of cat Muriel might be descended from, I came across quite a few pedigree breeders. They all had pictures of their cats and listed their pedigree names and their “call” names. Almost all pedigree animals have “call” names because it’s hard to yell out “Come on, Verismo Wotan of Valhalla!” or “Come on, Kittikmir Cosmic Phophacy of Jenew”, when it’s time to feed them.

After reading about Archibald Mikita Mylordovich, Verismo Wotan of Valhalla, Blazers Pink Champagne Wishes, and Galatia Fallen Angel of Ambar I decided that we “just plain cat” owners should also come up with our own pedigree names. The typical pedigree name begins with the breeder’s kennel or cattery name, followed by names which denote the ancestral line, etc. Since pedigree is, by definition, a documentation of ancestry and since 99% of the cats and dogs I know are from dubious, if not unknown, ancestry, I propose that we simply use names that best describe our beasts.

Thus, Callie (shown above) might be Bigbutt Scaredy Rub Me or Shedsalot Pinhead of Buttrub. Muriel is still a kitten but enough of her traits are emerging to call her Hairytoes Longtail of Windex or Twist-tie’s Catnip Tailchaser .

Here is the challenge. Come up with a pedigree name or two for your pet and drop it in the comments. It can be a past or present pet. There are no rules.


Irvalingus Upchuck

Although we no longer own any pets, we have in the past. Here is what I've come up with:

Monet - Ingoramous Wannaflee Petrifiedous. Vickie probably has renamed her.

For our goldfish (Goldie)who liked to swim upside down:
Play-Dead Bulgingeye Floatsalot or
Poopus-Hangous Outist in the Tank

Cassiel, our aging Maine Coon, could be Sir Grumpus Roundbelly, and Minkee could be Lady Psychia Kibbleswatter.

Of course our felines have some fly tags.
Rascal is Prince Bubba Flopdown Gimmefoodnow.
Elliot is Little Sir Testosteronamaniac.
Monet, more comtemporary, is Lady Hey Ya, Hey Ya, Hey Ya Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture--Ya.
We choose the less pompous path :)
Vickie (Princess SummerFallWinterSpring)
Christine (Lady BeyonceBouncingBooty)


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