Rebooting the Dishwasher


Last night I finished loading the dishwasher, pushed the start button and walked away. It is brand new and hardly makes any noise when running. That's why I didn't notice that it conked out until Nancy called me a while later to show me that all the lights were out and it wasn't responding to any of the push-buttons.

The circuit breaker was fine, but I flipped it a few times anyway. Nothing.

This morning I called the appliance place where we bought it and they sent a repairman a little while ago. Within 5 minutes he had it running.

"It just had to be rebooted," he told me with a smile on his face.

Yes - rebooted. Now it's not just the damned computer that crashes and gets hung up, it's your appliances, too.

It must be running Windows in there. Linux wouldn't do that...


next thing you know you'll have to be adding certain .dll files for pots and ans vs. normal wash.

you mean you never noticed the ctrl/alt/del buttons on the front panel?

I never thought that I'd be giving an appliance the "three fingered salute"...

Maybe I bought a disc-washer by mistake...

Loving Son, see all that studying and success you have achieved was for naught.You still had to call a repaireman. Mother

Since it is computerized, is there a print button for paper plates? If not, I think we have an idea UH I mean blog.

Loving Son : Don't listen to your siblings. The picture of your snow scene was beautiful. I fear jelously afoot. Mother

I think I have an advanced model - it washes black/white AND colored dishes!


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