A Jug & An Urn

A couple have opened a "boutique crematorium" called Vermont Blessings at their 200 acre dairy farm in the southeastern Vermont town of Guilford. With ecomonic pressure on small farms rising, they have decided on a rather unique supplement to their business.

I can't help looking at another side of this. If these folks need to diversify their business in order to make ends meet, let's go all the way.

You see, it's sugar mapling time in Vermont now and this would bring a whole new meaning to "grandpa's maple syrup". Yup, just bring poor old grandpa and a few buckets of sap to Vermont Blessings (& Sugar Shack) and you could walk out with a jug and an urn. Nice way to remember him too, drizzled (not sprinkled) over your pancakes in the morning.

(Thanks to Michael P. for the heads-up on this.)


This is wrong on so many levels...

Why is this so wrong?

As a society we have removed ourselves from the process of death to the point that it does not seem like a part of life. Frankly, the last place I want to be when I die is tubed-up and beeping in some hospital, and if the neighbors down the road could handle cremating my remains I'd rather that they do it than strangers.

Are you creeped out by the cremation part? Get used to it. That's how your mother and I will end up. I'd rather not take up space and have worms munch me. Just sprinkle my ashes over your pancakes a mountainside.


You Vermonters certainly believe in diversification. Anything that lends a personal touch to saying goodbye sounds all right to me.
We'll sprinkle you anywhere you like, sweetie.

Nobody likes gritty pancakes, anyway.

Cremation doesn't freak me out in the slightest. The last thing I want is to be buried in a box somewhere with a whole bunch of other dead people.

I was referring the to combination of syrup and ashes. Sounds quite messy.

but if you have a good blender....


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