Back in the Saddle Again

tux.jpgI spent the last week or so migrating my computer from Windows XP to Linux, which meant spending an inordinate amount of time twiddling with things like video, scanner, and printer settings; setting up email software; and getting used to a new browser. I'll spend the next month or so seeing to how things are done in Linux and figuring out of there is anything I used to be able to do in XP that I can't do here.

I hedged my bet by making a dual-boot system where I can still get into my old Windows XP drive if I need to, but even that can go away soon as Linux has the capacity to run Windows software such as MS Office and Photoshop under emulation.

The cool thing about Linux is that just about all the software is free- word processors, image editing, you name it. In fact, ALL of Linux is free. The Linux open source concept means that thousands of programmers work on their own to develop and refine the Linux operating system and all of that free software as a cooperative effort.

The bad thing about Linux is that just about all the software is free - without the commercial incentive to produce polished installation packages, etc., it can be quite an adventure getting the software up and running. This is complicated by the fact that there are several "distributions" of Linux and you have to find the software bundle that has been packaged for your version. It takes me back to my earlier days of computing. Linux still leans toward the geek end of the spectrum, which may be it's appeal to me now.

The advanatage to all this is that Linux is incredibly stable and bug-free. Systems have been known to run non-stop for years without crashing and viruses are virtually unheard of. Since I no longer have a professional need to be married to Microsoft, and can't ake advantage of getting software through my job, this is a good solution.

Besides, Microsoft doesn't have a cool mascot like Tux, the Linux penguin.


Face it, you just did it for the penguin.

kind of looks like Muriel in a way...

true true...i am also thinking to shift to Linux.

Muriel? I was thinking more of Callie...with that big white gut and all.


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