Off On a Geek Bender

geek_1.gif The first step is to recognize the problem. Thatís not too difficult for me. Iíve been there before. This time the symptoms were just a bit different. Iíd decided to investigate switching over to Linux a few weeks ago. I picked up a couple of Linux distributions and figured Iíd load them on new partitions on my hard drive and play a little. Yeah, ďa littleĒÖ

The first installation went okay but didnít recognize my scanner or my firewire printer so several hours of tweaking, downloading, reloading, and re-reloading went on over the next couple of days. Eventually, they were up and running. In between, the new email client had to be configured, the browser set up with all the spiffy extensions and plug-ins, and the graphics program deciphered to see if it could handle high-end digital photo printing - more hours at the computer.

Once that installation was running okay I moved on to the second. Iíll spare you the gory details - more tweaking, arcane Windows network connections, learning foreign languages like SAMBA and CUPS, and deciding on dektop themes. Then it began to go downhill.

- I got new eyeglasses on Monday and immediately had this flash that they might look better with adhesive tape on them. I fought that one off.

- I laughed out loud at something the cats were doing yesterday and noticed a nasal-intake snort. I began to become concerned.

- I fell asleep last night with terms like ďgrepĒ, ďbashĒ, and ďgrokĒ floating through my head. It was disconcerting.

- I got dressed this morning and noticed discomfort in my armpits. It was the belt around my pants waist. I got scared.

Iím on my way back now. This is being typed in MS Word on my XP setup. Iím going to the bookstore this morning and getting a new book to read. Maybe Iíll even walk down to town.

Iíll always have the geek lurking in the back of my psyche. I can live a productive life as long as I keep him under control. Itís just a matter of recognizing the symptoms. I bet there is a Linux program out there that helps you keep track. I could just download it and compile in a few minutes. Then I could create a cool desktop icon for it.

See, Iíve got this under control.


what a lovely article, and picture. a self portrait no doubt. the only thing missing really was the snow shoes. the article made me chuckle out loud a few times.

have fun with linux and the penguin

Well baby, the only SAMBA I know is a smooth dance step from South of the Border. You know Cha Cha Cha and all that stuff.
As far as CUPS I know A, B, C, D amd Dolly Parton.
My point is, we need your geekdom.
I confuse my hard drive with my RAM (is that the same thing??) You know I've called upon this aspect of your personality numerous times in the past. If my boss wasn't a geek, I mean so computer savvy, I would probably have a hotline to Vermont.
Nurture the geek. We'll help you keep him under wraps. Or is that Underoos? He, he, he or lol it's all geek to me.
Love you!

Rob: I don't know what the hell you're talking
about and I'm going to keep it that way ...
I love you any way !


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