Ring of Fire

ring-o-fire.gifIt seems that the Cash family has objected to the co-writer of the famous Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire agreeing to have it used in a Preparation H ad. The family feels that the song would be "demeaned" if used this way.

Perhaps they are afraid that it would become the butt of jokes.

Too bad - it would have made a really funny ad. Negotiations are still in progess. I hope that their distress can be eased and they can be made more comfortable with the idea. Maybe more money will salve the pain.

It may still work out in the end.

Let's hope.

Thank you, Gregg, for pointing me to this story.


Small detail: Johnny performed it, but it was wife June Carter Cash that was the co-writer.

June wrote it with Merle Kilgore, who the family now considers a real asshole.

Thanks for posting the info on this burning issue.
I'm sure things will work out for the best in the end.
These hot topics are quite timely.
I think the rest of the family will warm up to the controversey, don't you?

I'm sure that they are itching to...


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