Digi-Reb Arrives


My new Canon EOS Digital Rebel arrived today. The "official" name is 300D and (unfortunately) it is also called the "Kiss" outside the U.S.

It's nice to have a real SLR again. Even the Nikon was really just a fancy point and shoot. The Digi-Reb focuses SO much faster and has the real clip/clop of the mirror. Now I have to spend a lot of time learning how to make it do what I want it to do. That means figuring out out to speak in Canon after a few years of speaking in Nikon. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate over the next few days and I can get outside and shoot a lot.

Meanwhile, here's a self portrait.


Your daughter is outrageously jealous.

Where is the self portrait. Or did you mean the camera's self portrait.

the camera, of course.... i'm not THAT vain.

But I miss my daddy. Pictures are always nice.



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