Southern Cailfornia Trip

Nancy and I just got back from a week in and around San Diego. I only took pictures on the day that we (after years of avoiding it) went to Sea World.

Sea World tries to mix theme park and science/environmental center with mixed results. It is much more theme park than the other - it's really a stretch to have a huanted house that is tied to marine life and a roller coaster has about as much to do with the sea as a hounted house - but there are many exhibits and displays that are worthwhile.

Here are a few pictures.

It appears that they feed human arms to the young dolphins
each day around 11 a.m.

I'd do the same if thousands of people just stared at me all day long.

In the ten minutes I spent watching this guy all he did was swim
in the same pattern in the 30 foot tank - very sad...

No these aren't freshly butchered baby seals.
They are gift shop stuffed baby ploar bears.

Peguins have to be the closest
living relatives to Muppets.

There were MANY people walking around Sea World who would have
made bigger splashes if they had been able to hoist
them over the water.

We got home to find the cats had (mostly) behaved themselves and
been fine without us. The girls are now sisters.


Egads-- the girls will need a bigger bed soon-- they're spilling out the sides!

being that it was designed for one cat, that's not surprising. anyway, they are cozier that way.


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