The Bigfoot Defense


Mark T. Zielinski, 34, of Mount Tabor, VT, is accused of driving his van across into oncoming traffic and collding with another van in which six people were killed. At a pre-trial hearing yesterday his lawyer questioned a Vermont State Policeman about obstacles in the road that might have caused his client to veer off.

From the Bennington Banner:

At one point, with investigating officer Sgt. Michael Marvin of the Vermont State Police on the stand, Harnett asked, "Isn't there a moose crossing at that location?"

Marvin answered indirectly. "Moose cross there," he said.

Harnett asked, "Haven't there been bigfoot sightings in that area, or allegations of sightings," but Judge David Suntag ended that line of questioning. The reference to bigfoot refers to reports that people have spotted a bigfoot, a bear or someone dressed in a costume near the location of the crash.

Time to get a new defense attorney, Mark, pedestrians have right-of-way in Vermont.


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