Dorr's Tractors #2


More Dorr's Tractors

I was shooting more pictures today when one of the guys doing some earth moving over on the other end of the property drove by in a dump truck. "They're not all out yet", he yelled.

I asked how many more there were.

"About 60... come back in a month"

I'll be there.


The second one looks like something out of the Grapes of Wrath!

that's the look I was going for

My husband enjoys your pictures. Is there a Dorr's tractors #3? We vacation up there each year, and drive by them.
Thank You

Dorr's "tractor farm" is located just north of Manchester on Route 30 headng toward Dorset. It's hard to miss - look for the big barn with the wind-speed gauge on the side on the irght side of the road if you are heading north.

Most of the tractors are brought inside during the winter. The full complement are out in the field by early July. There is no formal parking, no fee, just dozens of old and restored tractors for you to wander around viewing.

I have some more photos on my photoblog http:/


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