Ever So Politely

Vtech.gifA few minutes after we got off the phone with Corie our Vtech wireless multi-station phone beeped and gave a meesage that it had lost contact with the base station. I went downstairs to the office to see what the base station had to say for itself and found smoke pouring out - quite an emphatic statement, wouldn't you say?

Looked like the something fried bigtime. I called Vtech and told the nice young woman of indeterminate nationality that the station had just belched smoke and died. She then (ever so politely) kept asking me to plug in the base station and tell her what lights were blinking. After the third time she finally realized smoke=fire and that whatever might be blinking would probably be flickers of flames. The station would have to be replaced. However, she (ever so politely) added, since it was over a year old, it was out of warranty. She then (ever so politely) told me that she would sell me a new version of the station at a steep discount. When I asked if my other two existing satellite phones would work with the new base she (ever so politely) said no, the "old" phones were incompatible with the new base and so new satellites phones would have to be purchased, but she'd give me a deep discount on them as well.

When I objected to having to pay anything to replace satellites that were in perfect working order and pointed out that their product cycle neatly coincided with the warranty period, forcing any system over a year old to scrapped if the base started belching smoke, she (ever so politely) agreed and repeated her generous offer to sell me a completely new system.

I asked that she consult a supervisor to see if there was anything they could do to get me free phones to replace the perfectly good ones I was about to throw away. She (ever so politely) asked me to hold. A minute later she was back on the line and (ever so politely) said no, the steep discount would have to suffice, and asked if I was ready to place my order.

I (ever so politely) declined.

Now I know another reason why companies farm their "support" service overseas. It's a lot harder to strangle someone who is 10,000 miles away.


so wait, does this mean that i don't get cheap phone calls to you now? hmph.

no, the phone is up and running with a regular old phone. I found a place on-line that still stocked the old base and it has been ordered.

The imaging equipment at work is now owned by GE.
When we place a service call we contact Bombay and they dispatch our field engineer. Wild man that he is, we now have his cell number in the event our Bombay connection becomes confused.
And yes, the Bombay group is ever so polite.


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