Printed Pringles

WASHINGTON (AFP) -These new chips will be both edible and readable.

Procter and Gamble announced that its Pringles potato chips will include printed words and images in a "variety of colors."

The Cincinnati, Ohio consumer products giant said it was using a "revolutionary" technology for the designs, which will include "fun facts" and animal designs as well as questions and answers from the Trivial Pursuit game.

How about printing public service announcements instead...


How about edible short stories.
You don't want to be reading a novel if your clogging those arteries.
We already past 1984 in time. In the current society of constant surveillance and sublime messages from the "powers" that be, messages on your chips seems sadly mundane.

You might try buying one of those cheapy, hand steam cleaners or just boil the hell out of a wash cloth, pick it up w/ tongs, etc. Then again, I imagine the globules are widespread. Bummer.

Wow, I totally posted this to the wrong entry.

you're not the only one to do this. i've revised the layout to make it less likely in the future, putting the comments link at the bottom of the post where most people expect to find it


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