The Pen is Mightier�

pilot_1.jpgI really like Pilot Precise V5 rolling ball pens. I use the extra fine point in black. There is nothing that I haven�t liked about this pen - until today.

I left one in my shirt pocket yesterday and it went through the laundry today. Out came a whole load of clothes with blue/black ink splotches. That is understandable. We didn�t notice it until the clothes came from the dryer so most of the stains have been baked in. It was my error and I can�t fault anyone else. We�ll have to replace some clothes and maybe some sheets.

We thought that the ink got on all the stuff by direct contact with the pen. What we didn�t notice was that the pen had spewed its ink all over the inside of the dryer - great big globs of ink that adhered to the sides of the drum and dried there. At least we thought that they dried there. It turns out that each time the dryer heats up the ink globs soften enough to smear blue/black schmutz over everything in the load.

We tried alcohol. We tried Windex. We tried Fantastic. We tried every chemical in the kitchen arsenal. The damned blobs won�t come out. Short of crawling into the dryer while it�s running at full heat with a spray bottle and a roll of paper towels (something that Nancy probably thinks I deserve), we now own a laundry/Rorschach version of the venerable mimeograph machine.

The dryer was on its last legs, maybe 17 years old, but we thought we�d wring a few more months to a year out of it. No luck. This pen was mightier than the dryer. First thing tomorrow morning I�ll be standing at the door to Sears, waiting for them to open. Better that than twirling at 300� with a spray bottle and a roll of paper towels.


Now if only something like that would happen to your fireplace so that mom can have an excuse to make it prettier...

the fireplace is not long for this world, though the new dryer (I just finished installing it) may have usurped the exchequer for a while

According to the Household Hints section of Geeks 'R Us, hairspray applied directly to Pilot Precise ink will allow you to "lift it while applying gentle pressure". Although this technique was recommended for pockets unprotected it may be useful. Hopefully you will not be reduced to spraying your new dryer nor will you be huffing the hairspray as you apply gentle pressure to the drum. Bottoms up!

we did the hairspray thing on some of the clothing that we wanted to salvage and had some success, in spite of the fact that it had all been set in by going through the dryer.


First: I did the samething, but it was a Gel Pen. Ruining my work shirts and pants and Olivia's Blanket.
Second: Ink didn't adhere to the drum, but Lucy hates our dryer. She'll run to Wal-Mart and get a twenty pack of Bics and toss them in the dryer. "OOPS silly me" she would say "guess we need a new dryer like your brother. Let's get a new washer two. Can't have a mis-match set now can we!"


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