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Santa Fe Images #2

Weeds against an adobe wall

The church at San Ildefonso Pueblo

Late day rainbow, Santa Fe

Evening light, Santa Fe

Santa Fe Images #1

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Clouds, Cochiti Reservation.


Slot canyon, Tent Rocks National Monument.

San Miguel Mission, downtown Santa Fe.

Kiva, Bandelier National Monument.

Kiva, San Ildefonso Pueblo.

Hildene Classic Auto Show

Almost 900 cars were entered in this year's Classic and Antique Auto Show at the Hildene Estate (the former home of Robert Todd Lincoln) in Manchester. Spread out over the polo fields were antique Model T Fords, classic muscle cars, old sports cars, trucks, and hot rods. Here are some pictures from this morning.

This Cadillac from the thirties was in pristine condition. Squint carefully at the right side of the bumper and you can see a reflection of me taking the picture.

There were several Auburns with their sleek, swanky rear fenders.

The hot rods weren't the best representation of the craft, but this one's flaming looked cool from this angle.

The Chevys from the late fifties all sported hood ornaments with jet airplane motifs. Ten years later it was all rockets and space age.

A REAL REO Speedwagon.

Ahhh, doesn't this evoke nostalgia for an age when carbs mean something automotive?

Stair Master Syndrome

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escher.gif I have never visited Corie in any of her apartments without carrying something up the multiple flights of stairs. I�ve helped her move in; I�ve carried air conditioners up six flights; and I�ve humped dining room tables up the same six flights. Even when it�s just a regular visit, there is always something in my arms. I can�t escape it.

I installed a couple of cabinets in Corie�s apartment on Tuesday. This apartment is only a fourth floor walk-up. I only had to carry two 55 pound boxes, four 10 pound boxes, a sheet of plywood, a bundle of trim lumber, a toolbox, a saber saw, an electric drill, and my overnight bag up the stairs. It took a little while for me to stop gasping and let my blood pressure drop to the point where my shirt front stopped throbbing. As soon as my bodily functions returned to normal I went back down to get something for lunch. That required climbing back up once again.

Immediately after got started on the cabinets I realized that I had left a tool bag in the car, which was now parked a block away. Down I went and up I came. The head spinning was now beginning to remind me of my college days.

Three hours later I was done with the cabinets. I showered and was ready for a cold drink. Yes, you guessed it, another trip down and up.

Corie got home and we went out to dinner. Another trip down and up.

We had to drop the left-over pizza off before we back over to Home Depot to buy cabinet handles. Another up and down.

At HD we bought a nice small bag of hardware and a giant box holding a double rollout waste basket. (Guess who carried it up the stairs.)

I drove home the next day. When I woke up on Thursday my legs wouldn�t work right. I�d say �Right leg, step forward.� It would ignore me. I�d say �Okay, left leg, YOU step forward.� It would smirk and say �Yeah, sure.� The muscles were knotted tighter than Nancy Reagan�s ass. I was in trouble.

I got mobile but looked like Groucho Marx on Quaaludes. The day was spent gingerly flexing and then resting. I massaged. I soaked in the tub. I laid on the couch. I stretched. Eventually I drank.

My legs are talking to me again, but it�s going to take a while to restore our former relationship. I can�t mention Corie�s apartment out loud in front of them. The next time we go I�ll have to lie and say were headed for the Metropolitan Museum. I wonder if they understand pig latin?

I have to return in a few weeks and install the stainless steel counter top we're having made. It should weigh about 80 pounds. We'll be bringing it to orie-Cay's place.

Techno Teeth

brushing_1.gif It took me less time to learn how to ride a bicycle than to use an electric toothbrush. When I was seven, I was able to stay balanced and steer my two-wheeler after about two days of effort. I�m 56 and have been using an electric toothbrush for several years now and it dawned on me this morning that it's only just recently that I finally got it nailed.

oral_b_1.jpg There are many modern conveniences that frustrate and madden us but few are purposely designed to make us feel stupid. The electric toothbrush is one of these. With its lure of 10,000 vibrations a minute promising to power off even the slightest traces of last night�s Dorito binge and a built-in timer that absolves you of the responsibility of determining if you�ve brushed enough, the techno-brush seems to be a positive boon to humanity. But I learned something different when I first brought mine home.

After anxiously waiting through the mandatory new battery recharge period I was raring to go. I placed a judicious tab of blue and white brightening toothpaste on the bristles and turned it on. MISTAKE NUMBER ONE. If you forget to wait until it is entirely in your mouth before you turn it on 10,000 vibrations per minute splatter 10,000 bits of toothpaste across the walls, ceiling, bathroom mirror, and your face, arms, chest and neck. Fifteen minutes of scrubbing and scraping ensued. For the sake of science I have recorded that an Oral-B can project a one millimeter blob of Colgate 11.5 feet (3.5052 meters). I expect to see one of these used on a cable home redecorating show soon for creating faux speckled wall treatments. They will probably use paint, though.


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