Hildene Classic Auto Show

Almost 900 cars were entered in this year's Classic and Antique Auto Show at the Hildene Estate (the former home of Robert Todd Lincoln) in Manchester. Spread out over the polo fields were antique Model T Fords, classic muscle cars, old sports cars, trucks, and hot rods. Here are some pictures from this morning.

This Cadillac from the thirties was in pristine condition. Squint carefully at the right side of the bumper and you can see a reflection of me taking the picture.

There were several Auburns with their sleek, swanky rear fenders.

The hot rods weren't the best representation of the craft, but this one's flaming looked cool from this angle.

The Chevys from the late fifties all sported hood ornaments with jet airplane motifs. Ten years later it was all rockets and space age.

A REAL REO Speedwagon.

Ahhh, doesn't this evoke nostalgia for an age when carbs mean something automotive?


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