Indonesian Wrestling Stars Lose Election

I know that you've all been tuning into your favorite cable news station or gobbling up RSS news feeds in order to keep track of the Indonesian elections, but coverage had been spotty. Of course, the real news is that most of the candidates were running under wrestling psuedonyms.

Would you vote for:

Bambang (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono)
Megawati (Megawati Sukarnoputri)
Hamzah Haz ( Hamzah Haz just what?)

Obviously, the Indonesians became concerned about the potential for international ridicule. The latest news is that they elected Wiranto-Golkar, a former defense minister.


As an urban resident I would have voted for
Megawati in deference to Con Ed.
What wrestling monikers would our presidential candidates assume? Actually, this does not even boggle the mind. I hear Dick Cheney has a few pseudonyms of his own. Whatta guy!!!

Didn't Bush already come up with nicknames for half of the world's leaders? Pootie Poot?


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