Photoblog On The Way

The sparse posting recently is the result of some travel to New Mexico which resulted in several hundred photos that had to be culled, sorted, and digitally developed. I'm down to 50 or so.

In turn, that inspired me to finally get to work on a true photoblog. More time spent twiddling with Movable Type (the engine that drives this site) and their new licensing (translate "pay us money") plans. Being that MT's new version 3.0 is really more of a 2.7 (I'm running version 2.661), I decided to twiddle away even more time investigating alternatives.

I loaded and started playing with WordPress 1.2. Great potential here but far from robust enough for what I needed. Even though it's free, call me when version 2.0 or 3.0 is ready.

Then I looked at pMachine. Another nice prospect but I was lured away by their new product, Expression Engine. For $10 you can set up a month-long demo site that they host so you can twiddle to your heart's content. And twiddle I did. In fact, I've not done much else (other than personal hygiene, ingestion, and the installation of a kitchen counter at Petunia's apartment) for the past several days.

The result looks pretty good to me. I'll pay the full license fee just as soon as my webhost sets up the new subdomain. Then I'll do some sanding and polishing and will announce the birth in the next week or so.


Stay tuned.


Yay! It looks good! have you thought about using a simple border on the images and thumbnails? For some reason I'm drawn to a 1px black border. Maybe that's just me...

actually, i'm fiddling with the css to either use a simple black border as you described or a white (4 pixel) border with a 1 pixel black or gray edge. I want to automate it so I don't have to do any html entry once I upload the photo.


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