And Now I Get a Little Bit Back

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On April 23 I posted the story of how my Nikon camera was stolen from my car when I ran into the supermarket on my way home from shooting photos. I wrote that something more had been taken than just my camera, that it had made me a bit more cynical and negative.


This morning I reclaimed some of my former outlook. As she left for work, Nancy came upon the camera and the note in the photo on our front steps.

Some kid had taken the camera from the car. Somehow, his parent found it and decided to do the �right thing�. I�m not going to comment too much on the fact that the kid got a beating (considering that I originally wanted to strangle the little bastard) or that they decided to sneak the camera back to me rather than have him face up to what he had done; I�m just happy that this kid has a parent who tried to do what they thought was best and that I have the camera back.

So bad things happen and good things happen. It�s nice when events balance out this way.

In a small town you eventually get to �know� everyone. You begin to see the same faces at the market or library or driving through the intersection. You may not know their name but you know they are part of your community. Perhaps this parent saw the name engraved on the camera body, looked it up in the phone book, and realized that it was a neighbor whose camera was taken. Maybe the kid pointed me out to the parent on one of my trips to the post office. I�ll never know.

But I do know that I have had a little faith restored and that I'll be paying a little more attention to the sun than the shadows when I next go out to shoot photos.

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Wow! I wouldn't have included "I gave him a good beating," but at least someone is honest in this world. Speaking of honest, does this mean that I might inherit one of your cameras?

Tough to forgive an anonymous kid, but it's still a nice outcome. Now I know why my dad engraved our name into stuff like that.

So ... who gets the camera?

There are several options for the camera now:

1. Hold on to it as my "snapshot" camera to carry around when I don't want to lug the DigiReb.

2. Sell it on eBay to help finance that wide angle lens I've been eyeing.

3. Give it to the most deserving of my chldren.

4. Sell it to the highest bidding of my children.

We'll see...

When you lay it out that way, your two furry children might win out. I've heard that Mew Mew has an online auction habit that can't be beat.


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