Merry Christmas

It is September 14, 2004. The leaves here are just starting to change and a few pumpkins and mums are appearing on front door stoops. The temperature is a "chilly" 65. Yes, you guessed it - itís Christmas time.

At least it is according to L.L. Bean. Their Christmas catalog arrived today. The cover sports a painting with a family (dressed in L.L. Bean clothing) in a horse-drawn sleigh, merrily gliding through the snowfall toward a quaint New Englandy town.

There are only 101 days left to do my shopping and L.L Bean has just given me 276 pages to propel me forward along the journey. Theyíve lifted the burden of wading through Halloween and Thanksgiving and have shoved Christmas right in my face.

Thanks no, L.L. Bean. Iím not ready for snow. Iím not ready for shopping. Iím barely out of my summer shorts for Godís sake. Your catalog cover gives me the chills. The sweaters, down jackets, fleece-lined slippers, and pine centerpieces are depressing.

I need to ease into winter. Leaves have to change color. Plums and peaches have to disappear from the market shelves. Dinner must evolve from grilling to braising. The warm blanket needs to come out of storage and I have to wear a flannel shirt for a while.

I could toss this catalog, but another will arrive next week (and the week after that), so maybe Iíll start to collect them. When my internal calendar tells me itís Christmas time, Iíll take the pile, roll and tie them with string, and use them in the fireplace. That's when the L.L. Bean catalog will really give me that Christmas spirit.


'Tis the season....for Christmas catalogs.
I received a Printery catalog of Christmas cards last month. Christmas in July, you bet. It was the Kiimball Holiday Card selection.
Keep rollin', rollin', rollin' brother.
Soon the home fires will be burning, but not too soon!
Remember, Cora's freezing on the trolley.
Fa, la, la, la, la...

Christmas ?!?!?...
We have get through Ivan, Jeanne, Larry, Moe and Curly. Then we have to plant, YES PLANT in the garden, some Pointsettia. And it must drop down to at least 74 before I think of putting up the Chrisymas lights. Although we do have a fireplace it is only used for effect. No function whatsoever.

Pottery Barn's red and green-festooned holiday catalog landed in my mailbox before the official start of autumn. I believe that's a record.


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