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Target Audience

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It's good to see that Target is stepping up to champion those fine Red State values we've been reading so much about lately. And quite fitting, actually, that the red bullseye store should be offering some unique gift ideas for this holiday season.

Anal Massage is listed under DVDs (try doing a search for "anal" at the Target website). You have to wonder if the picture isn't available for if they just forget to plug (sorry, I couldn't resist) the bullseye logo into that space.

I'm assuming that this is a how-to product so you have to ask yourself if latex gloves come as part of the package. DVDs general have loads (okay, I did it again...) of extra features so I wouldn't be surprised.

Target realizes that you might not be ready for anal massage lessons. They realize that many people might be saying, "That's disgusting. I couldn't watch an entire DVD about anal massage!" And so they have another product (from the Red Hot Shop, no less) that might let you back into (whoops, I did it again...) the anal product line just a little bit easier.


Anal Cabaret is a full length audio CD from one of your favorite artists - Leather Strip. I've never personally heard (or had any other sensory knowledge of) any of Leather Strip's previous "releases", but I have a couple of brothers who probably missed their calling if this guy is actually under contract and touring.

It doesn't say anything here, but I'm guessing that this is his holiday album. I'm imagining songs like - Dingle Bells, I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas, Deck the Halls (with Bowels of Holly) and Rudolf the Brown Nose Reindeer.

They'll make great stocking stuffers..


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