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Last Tuesday we stuffed Muriel and Callie into a cat carrier and moved them to Rensselaer, NY, where we will all live while the new house is built. They didn’t take it well.

Muriel hasn’t been out of the house since she was 10 weeks old and we had her spayed. That’s about 20 months. All she knows of the world has been acquired in an 1800 square foot condo. Sure, bugs and birds flew by the many windows and sliding doors, but they were like television - interesting but not quite real. Her world was furniture and walls and litter boxes in very specific places.

After refusing to leave to carrier for 4 hours and then hiding under the toilet tank for another 4, hunger and bowels got the best of Muriel and she began to explore the new place. It soon became obvious to her that she had entered an alternate universe. That LOOKS like the couch, but it’s on the wrong rug. That SMELLS like the coffee table, but what’s that spackle odor in the background? Those are the same humans, but they don’t sit and read, they scurry about moving large objects and making loud noises.

Now it’s a week later and she apparently has decided that alternate universes call for alternate behaviors. We came down to breakfast this morning to find her up above the kitchen cabinets. She must have hopped up onto the counter, then onto the fridge, and finally up over the wall cabinets. Once there, she froze - the house cat equivalent of the cat up the tree. This from a cat who was formerly height challenged - she’d have to pump a few times just to jump up on your lap.

We wouldn’t have noticed her for a while except that Callie was whimpering and looking up - cat language for “I’m telling! You’re not supposed to be up there! You’re going to get in trouble!”

Luckily we have a secret weapon for diverting their attention. They spend long periods of time just staring down the central air conditioning vents, waiting for the creatures who live there to stop whistling and come out to play.


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