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Last Christmas season I posted a piece about the lyrics to Walt Kelly's famous Pogo holiday song, Deck the Halls With Boston Charlie. In it I offhandedly mentioned Christmas carols from Line Material. Now, to 99.99% of the world this was a less than obscure reference, but to a few, it really rang a (holiday) bell.

Line Material was a large electrical manufacturing company which, I believe, was long ago absorbed by another company. Since my father worked for an electrical equipment distributer from the late 1940s through the early 1970s, he often received promotional and gift items during the Christmas season. One of these was a bright red 45 rpm record of specially written carols from Line Material.

The songs were hokey but we were just kids and since every song ended with a variation of the refrain Merry Christmas, from Line Material, it soon became part of our Christmas culture. We would be decorating the tree and that 45 would be played. Not a Christmas has gone by in the last 40 years without one or all) of us singing that refrain.

Much to my surprise, I have received comments from a few people for whom those songs hold a similar meaning. Just today, a year later, I got a comment from a fellow who, like me, cannot say Merry Christmas without adding from Line Material out loud or in his head.

Our 45 has long since disappeared, but thanks to Stacy who commented on last year's posting, I now have six songs from the venerable Line Material discography.

In keeping with the Holiday Spirit, and in order to keep our obscure tradition alive, I am posting all six songs here as mp3s. I took the liberty of cleaning up Stacy's recordings, eliminating pops and scratches as much as possible and fixing the volume. I have guessed at the actual song titles. Some are obvious and some are not. If anyone out there can correct me or provide additional songs, I'd be very greatful.

Merry Christmas (from Line Material...)

(right click each to download)
Santa's North Pole Band
Different Kinds of Christmas
Santa's Underground North Pole Factoree!
Let's Trim the Christmas Tree
The Day Santa Was Sick
The Sounds of Christmas

Note - I've updated four of these files with downloads from Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else as they proved to be much cleaner rips - obviously from records never near children.

UPDATE - Thanks to commenter David, I am also posting the Line Material refrain ringtone below. The zip file has five different ringtone file types for you to use depending on your phone's requirements.

Line Material Ringtones


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